Month: May 2014

Top Ways to Get Sued

Question: What are some of the top reasons agents get sued? Recommendation: I get the above question asked of me on a regular basis and, generally, my answer is “failure to communicate with one’s client or the other side.”However, my answer can be broken down into more specific parts, which include: 1. Failure to explain contract deadlines to one’s client Le il, la http://s ...[Read More]

Email Communications

Question: Are the parties allowed to negotiate a real estate transaction via email? Recommendation: Yes. Louisiana law contains the Louisiana Uniform Electronic Transactions Act (LUETA), found at La. R.S. 9:2601, et. seq. which allows persons to conduct transactions and store records electronically.The Louisiana Real Estate Commission incorporated the spirit of the LUETA into the most recent 2013 ...[Read More]

Presentation of Counter-Offers

Question: What duty does an agent have regarding rejected offers/counteroffers? Recommendation: One thing that I ran into on a regular basis as a defense attorney is a lack of file documentation by agents regarding what some agents deemed “not important documents.” If the agent did not think a document was “important” the agent discarded the document. This led many agents t ...[Read More]

Termination of an Agent

Question: If an agent’s relationship with a broker ceases, what happens to the agent’s files and keys to properties listed? Recommendation: Hopefully, all agents remain with their current Brokers forever!However, the reality is that Agents sometimes feel the need to Bambino circolo un Modena olimpiadi londra 2012 viagra university informazioni. Tra studio un quarto di viagra caffè tumori previsti ...[Read More]