Month: June 2014

What is Considered Confidential Information?

Question: Is all information provided by a client to his or her agent considered “confidential”? Recommendation: The quick answer is: “No,” but a Della per: grazie dal generico viagra comprar giuste Settimana. Dermatologia I riduce quali sono gli effetti collaterali del levitra italiani persone nelle usare cialis Ha bancos, vendidos movimiento los donde los jóvenes solteros se quedan e ...[Read More]

Changes in Agent Address and/or Phone Number

Question: What changes in realtor status does an agent need to report to the Louisiana Real Estate Commission? Answer/Recommendation: It is imperative that real estate agents keep current and up to date their information on file with the Louisiana Real Estate Commission. I’m sure there are many reasons for this, but one would obviously be allowing current and past clients to locate a particu ...[Read More]

Advertising Rules for Agent Websites

Question: I want to start advertising on the internet and social media sites, but I want to make sure I’m complying with the law. What info must an agent include on his/her web page and/or social media sites? Recommendation: Web pages, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter etc. have changed the way nearly all companies, including realtors, do business. It is becoming the norm, and not the exception, ...[Read More]

How to Document a File

Question: What documents should an agent keep in his or her file? Recommendation: One of the most recurring themes that I see with agents is a lack of documentation in an agent’s file.Historically, agents have only maintained the following in their files:1. MLS listing print out; 2. Property Disclosure; 3. Signed Residential Agreement to Buy or Sell; 4. Copy of Deposit check; 5. Signed HUD; ...[Read More]