Month: August 2014

Seller Signatures on Listing Agreement

Question: How many owners of property are required to sign the Listing Agreement? Answer/Recommendation: The below scenario is one that has occurred and helps answers the question: Purchase agreement is sent to our office by the agent; We contact the buyers and sellers outlined on the purchase agreement to obtain additional information needed for a complete title search; During our conversations w ...[Read More]

Items to Consider When Purchasing Non-Neighborhood Property

Question: My client lives in a subdivision and wants to buy the property directly behind his/her house.  The property to be purchased is not in the subdivision.  What should I recommend to my client? Answer/Recommendation: First, you should get an idea on the front end of what your client wants to do with the property and have a detailed discussion of the steps involved in accomplishing the object ...[Read More]

Importance of Canceling Contract in Due Diligence Period

Question: Inspections were conducted during the due diligence period and the inspections revealed certain defective items of the home that makes my buyer client feel uncomfortable. What should we do? Answer/Recommendation: The purpose of an Inspection and Due Diligence period is to give your buyer client ample opportunity to determine if a particular home is right for them. The Inspection and Due ...[Read More]

Importance of Reviewing HOA Covenants Ahead of Time

Question: Are there any potential issues affecting home use that a real estate agent should be aware of prior to writing an offer? Answer/Recommendation: There are several issues that may affect a homeowner’s use of his/her property, but one concern that often gets overlooked is the Neighborhood Covenants and Restrictions. Generally, Neighborhood Covenants and Restrictions govern what homeow ...[Read More]