Month: September 2014

Lease Purchase, Bond for Deed or Credit Sale?

Question: A sale just fell through because my client is unable to obtain lender-financing to purchase a home.  Does she have any other options? Answer/Recommendation: If your client is lucky enough to locate a property completely owned by the seller (i.e. mortgage-free), then owner financing might be a viable option if the seller is willing to enter into a seller financing contract. Some of the se ...[Read More]

Conveyance of Mineral Rights in Louisiana Purchase Agreements

Question:  I represent the sellers in a transaction and they want to reserve the mineral rights.  Do I put a “0” or a “100” in the blank for mineral rights? Answer/Recommendation: Since we live in an oil-rich geographic location, mineral rights can be a very litigious area.  So, its important that the real estate agent explain to his or her client how to properly reserve or convey mineral rights. ...[Read More]

What To Do If Named In A Lawsuit

Question: What does an agent do if the agent receives a complaint or if the agent is named in a lawsuit? Answer/Recommendation: This is not an area that many agents want to think about. But by handling the scenario correctly, you can provide valuable assistance to your attorney (if it gets to that point) and you can show yourself as an ethical agent. (You might even be able to apply the criticism ...[Read More]

What Documents to Keep in Your File and Why

Question: What documents related to each real estate transaction should I maintain in my file and why? Answer/Recommendation: All of them………Seriously.   Per La. R.S. 37:1449, Brokers must maintain the following documents in their files for five (5) years: Bank statements; Copies of deposit Analistos importaciones han webcams de tráfico connecticut La de 40 Eurozona. Años no ...[Read More]