Month: October 2014

How To Determine All Owners of Property

Question: I have a seller who, I believe, is not the only owner of the property to be sold.  How do I determine the identity of the other owners of the property to be sold? Answer/Recommendation: As a closing attorney, once we receive a title request we immediately contact the buyers and sellers to obtain personal information to assist us in our records search.  I can’t tell you how many tim ...[Read More]

Importance of Putting Repair Agreements in Writing

Question: My buyer did a final walk through of the home and located several issues that need to be corrected.  The seller is saying she’ll fix the issues over the next couple of days, but she doesn’t want to put anything in writing.  What do you suggest? Answer/Recommendation: This scenario occurs more than many agents realize.  It is not uncommon for agents to wait until arriving at the clo ...[Read More]

Why Date and Time Real Estate Documents?

Question: I received an offer but the signatures on the offer are not dated or timed.  What should I do? Additionally, what other sale documents should I get the parties to date and time? Answer/Recommendation: Some of the most common “omissions” on real estate forms are the dating and timing of signatures by buyer and seller. Chapter 39 of the Louisiana Real Estate Commission Rules an ...[Read More]

What Are Ministerial Acts?

Question: I am a real estate agent and a friend of mine asked me to provide some information regarding the school zoning for a particular home. Have we entered into an agency relationship? Answer/Recommendation: It is very common for your friends to ask you all sorts of questions concerning real estate. Just because a friend asks a question and you provide a response does not necessarily mean an a ...[Read More]