Month: January 2017

Can Sellers Take a Shed With Them?

Question: I am the listing Agent.  At the last minute, my Sellers now tell me they want to take with them the backyard shed.  The Sellers did not reserve the shed in the contract. Can Sellers take the shed? Answer: Believe it or not, questions like this one are very common.  This question actually highlights two aspects of a Real Estate transaction:  (1) the Duty of a Listing Agent and (2) whether ...[Read More]

Language Needed for 2017 Purchase Agreement to Extend the Closing Date

QUESTION My buyer’s lender called to let me know that the lender was unable to send the Closing Disclosure to the buyer three (3) days prior to closing and needs us to get an extension of the closing date. Can the seller refuse to extend the closing date?  The parties used the 2017 Agreement to Buy or Sell. ANSWER By now, all Real Estate Agents should be using the new 2017 Agreement to Buy and Sel ...[Read More]