Month: March 2017

Does a Murder in a House Have to be Disclosed to a Buyer?

Question I represent the buyer.  The listing agent recently told me the property “might” have experienced a fire and the property “might” have been the site of a murder years ago, but the listing agent and the sellers aren’t completely sure (these alleged events didn’t happen while the current sellers owned the property). Do I have to duty to disclose this to my buyer? Answer Yes and no. According ...[Read More]

The Importance of Submitting Inspection Reports AND A Request for Repairs

QUESTION I’m the listing agent on a property.  We are currently under contract and used the 2017 version of the Louisiana Residential Agreement to Buy or Sell. The buyer conducted their inspections.  After the inspections, the buyer’s agent sent me the inspection report – that’s it.  The buyer’s agent didn’t submit a request for repairs – the agent only submitted the inspection report. The due dil ...[Read More]

Do Listing Agents Have to Present Offers to their Sellers that Will Upset their Sellers?

Question I represent Sellers of a home.  I received an offer on the home from a Buyer’s Agent, but the offer is very low and I know my Sellers will reject it.  I don’t want to upset my Sellers.  Can I discard the offer without presenting it to my Sellers? Answer The Answer is: you are legally obligated to present the offer to your Sellers, even if it will upset them. According to the L ...[Read More]

Do Sellers Have to Inspect Their Septic Tank 30 Days Prior To Closing?

Question I am the listing Agent on a property that has a septic tank on-site. We are under contract to sell the home. We used the most updated Purchase Agreement (PA) for 2017. My Sellers had the septic tank inspected about one (1) year ago and I provided the inspection report to the Buyer’s Agent. The Buyer’s Agent keeps telling me we have to have an inspection done within thirty (30) days of the ...[Read More]