Month: April 2017

Do Sisters Have to Complete a Property Disclosure Form for Inherited Property?

Question I am the listing agent for family-owned property.  The current owners of the property are sisters who recently inherited the property from their deceased parents.  The sisters never lived in the property but believe the property might have some termite damage and foundation issues.  The sisters do not want to complete a property disclosure form because they believe it will hurt their abil ...[Read More]

When Should an Agent Give His/Her Client A Copy of the Termite Inspection Report?

Question I represent the Buyer in a transaction.  My Buyer is a property investor and had a termite inspection done of the property to be purchased.  The inspector sent me the termite inspection report.  My client told me to just hold on to the termite inspection report until we get to closing.  What should I do? Answer This week’s question highlights a Louisiana 1st Circuit Court of Appeals case ...[Read More]

Can My Sellers Cancel Their Counter-Offer to Buyer #1 to Accept A Better Offer from Buyer #2?

Question I represent the Seller.  Buyer #1 submitted an offer that was a low.  It was the only offer my Seller received in a couple of weeks, so my Seller countered Buyer #1’s offer.  In the counter, Seller gave Buyer #1 24 hours to respond.  I just received a full-price, cash offer from Buyer #2.  Buyer #2’s offer is a much better offer than the counter-offer my Seller submitted to Buyer #1. Can ...[Read More]

Do TVs Mounted on the Wall Stay with the House or Go with Sellers?

Question I am the Buyer’s Agent.  When the Buyer made an offer on the house, the Sellers had several TVs mounted on the walls.  The Buyer and I assumed those TVs stayed with the house and the Buyer DID NOT reserve the TVs. We did our final walk-through yesterday and all of the TVs are gone but the wall-mount systems for each TV remain on the wall.  Are the Sellers allowed to take the TVs? An ...[Read More]