Month: May 2017

Should My Sellers Check “No” or “NK” on the Property Disclosure Form?

Question My Sellers are trying to fill out the property disclosure form, but are unsure how to answer some of the questions. For the questions about which the Sellers are unsure, should Sellers check “No” or “NK” (i.e. “No Knowledge”)? Answer This is a very good question and I’m sure my Answer is going to cause a stir with a lot of Real Estate Brokers throughout Louisiana. For years I’ve told Real ...[Read More]

Do I Need to Disclose Possible Flooding if the Sellers Deny Flooding Occurred?

Question I am the listing agent for a house. When I asked my sellers whether the house has ever flooded, they said, “No.” However, the neighbors across the street are telling me the entire neighborhood flooded and they think the house that I am listing flooded, too. How do I handle this situation? Answer As a result of the floods that occurred throughout Acadiana (and other parts of Louisiana) in ...[Read More]

How Should Sellers Handle Multiple Offers On The Same Property At The Same Time?

Question I represent the Seller. The home has been listed for about a week.  Over the weekend, I received multiple offers on the home. Do I need to present all of the offers to the seller or just pick out the best one and submit it to the Seller? If the Seller wants to respond to all offers, what should I do? Help!! How do I handle this situation? Answer According to Louisiana Revised Statutes 9:3 ...[Read More]

Should An Agent Sign Anything on Behalf of His or Her Client?

Question I represent the Buyers.  My clients cannot make it to the home and termite inspections and want me to sign on their behalf anything the inspectors need signed. Should I sign anything on behalf of my Buyers? Answer This question hits on concepts of “Express” and “Apparent” authority. To help answer this question, let’s take a look at a Louisiana 1st Circuit Court of Appeals case dealing wi ...[Read More]