Month: June 2017

What Do I Do With a Builder’s “Addendum to the Contract” Form?

Question My Buyer wants to purchase a new construction home. We submitted an Offer to the Builder using the standard Louisiana Residential Purchase Agreement form.  The Builder responded by providing an additional document entitled “Builder’s Addendum to Purchase Agreement.” What do I do with this? Answer It is common for many Builders in Acadiana to use a “Builder’s Addendum to Purchase Agreement ...[Read More]

Which Neighbor Has to Pay for the Damage Caused by a Defective Tree

Question While examining a house, my Buyer noticed the neighbor’s house has a tree that has a lot of branches hanging over into the house my Buyer wants to buy.  These branches appear to be in poor condition and my Buyer is concerned these branches may damage the property after he purchases it. If my Buyer purchases this house, who is responsible if these branches damage his property? Answer This ...[Read More]

Buyer Refuses to Use the Standard Residential Purchase Agreement

Question I represent Sellers of a home.  A Buyer’s Agent sent me an offer on behalf of her client, but the offer is on a document prepared by the Buyer (who is an attorney) and not on the standard Agreement to Buy or Sell issued by the Louisiana Real Estate Commission. What should I do? Answer/Recommendation Attorneys can be difficult, can’t they?!! In all seriousness, since we are dealing with a ...[Read More]

Can My Buyer Put a Work-Shed in the Backyard of the Home He Wants to Purchase?

Question My Buyer really likes a particular home in a particular neighborhood, but he wants to put a work shed in the backyard.  We’re not sure if this is allowed. What should I do to ensure my Buyer is able to put a work shed in the back yard? Answer/Recommendation Since you already know your Buyer wants to put a work shed in the back yard, this means you’ve already discussed with your Buyer his ...[Read More]