Month: August 2017

Legislative Update Regarding Information Builders Are Now Required to Provide to Homebuyers

Question I am a real estate agent who represents Buyers and Builders.  I heard at the office today there is a new law that was passed requiring Builders to provide to Homebuyers some kind of information. Do you know what the other real estate agents at my office were talking about? Answer/Recommendation The two laws that come to mind are Act 231 of the 2017 Regular Legislative Session and the Loui ...[Read More]

How to Transfer the Louisiana New Home Warranty from Seller to Buyer

Question I represent the Buyer of a recently completed new construction home. The Seller bought the home six (6) months ago from the Builder, but the Seller was recently transferred out of State due to his job. My Buyer wants to make sure the Louisiana New Home Warranty will transfer to him at closing. Do we need to include in the Purchase Agreement, Addendums, Response to Inspections, etc. any la ...[Read More]

Do My Sellers Have to Disclose Dead Trees on Their Property?

Question I am the listing agent on a property with a lot of trees.  One of the trees near the house was recently struck by lightning and died.  My Sellers believe the tree may eventually fall and asked whether they need to disclose the dead tree. I looked at the Property Disclosure form and there doesn’t appear to be a section that covers disclosure of “dead trees.” Does this mean my Sellers don’t ...[Read More]

Can My Buyers Fix the Issues with Their New Construction Home and Send the Builder the Bill?

Question My client recently bought a new construction home and found some issues that should be covered by the New Home Warranty Act. My client is trying to get in touch with the builder but is having trouble getting the builder on the phone. Should my client just hire a contractor to fix the issues and send the bill to the builder? Answer No, not yet. According to La. R.S. 9:3145, before undertak ...[Read More]