Advertising Rules for Agent Websites

Question: I want to start advertising on the internet and social media sites, but I want to make sure I’m complying with the law. What info must an agent include on his/her web page and/or social media sites? Recommendation: Web pages, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter etc. have changed the way nearly all companies, including realtors, do business. It is becoming the norm, and not the exception, ...[Read More]

How to Document a File

Question: What documents should an agent keep in his or her file? Recommendation: One of the most recurring themes that I see with agents is a lack of documentation in an agent’s file.Historically, agents have only maintained the following in their files:1. MLS listing print out; 2. Property Disclosure; 3. Signed Residential Agreement to Buy or Sell; 4. Copy of Deposit check; 5. Signed HUD; ...[Read More]