How to Handle Property Repairs by Seller after Closing

Question I represent the Buyer in a transaction.  We just completed the final walk-through and there are several items in the home that have not been repaired to the Buyer’s satisfaction. My Buyer has to close today or her rate lock with her lender will expire and my Buyer has the movers and several friends lined up to help her move this afternoon. What should we do to ensure all repairs are prope ...[Read More]

What if Sellers Aren’t Completely Out of the Home at the Time of Closing?

Question My Buyers recently closed on a home.  When we arrived at the property after closing, Buyers found many items left in the home by Sellers that the Buyers don’t want. The items look like junk – probably the reason Sellers did not reserve any of these items.  Very annoying to say the least! Over the past week, we’ve tried contacting the Sellers numerous times to come pick up the stuff, ...[Read More]

What to do About Inspection Delays Caused by Seller

Question I represent the Buyer in a transaction.  My Buyer is currently under contract to purchase a home and I’m trying to help coordinate/complete inspections of the property. As soon as we went under contract, we requested dates to conduct inspections.  It took the Seller seven (7) days before he finally responded with an inspection date. We show up for the inspections on the date provided by t ...[Read More]

Do You Have Any Tips About Reserving Items for the Buyer?

In our last post/blog entry, we discussed some tips to reserve items on behalf of the Seller. In this post/blog entry, we continue that thought on the Buyer’s side. Similar to the recommendation for Sellers, a Buyer’s agent will want to think three-fold: Detailed pre-showing list; Detailed discussion; and Detailed post-showing list.   The same “pre-list list” that you use as a Listing Agent, ...[Read More]