Documents Needed by Clients for Financing


I have a first-time home buyer client and we’re filling out the Louisiana Residential Agreement to Purchase and Sell.  What information will my client need to provide to her lender?


It is a good idea for agents to know as much about the financing process as possible to effectively guide their clients and help streamline the process.

While documentation will vary from lender to lender, generally speaking you should request your client gather the following information to bring to their lender:

  1. Two years residence history;
  2. Two years of employment;
  3. Last Year’s W-2 Forms;
  4. Current Pay Stubs
  5. If self-employed, then two years’ tax returns and two years’ P&Ls (although some lenders may only need 1 year of each)
  1. Social Security Number;
  2. Social Security Card;
  3. VA Certificate of Eligibility DO214 (if the buyer is current or former military);
  4. Bank Accounts – 3 most recent months statements
  5. Monthly Debt Information
  6. Credit Card Numbers;
  7. Child Support/Child Care;
  8. Divorce Decree;
  9. Lease Agreement/Rent;
  10. Mortgages and Account Numbers;
  11. Driver’s License;
  12. Potential Deposit for Appraisal (approximately $450.00)


If the lender needs additional documentation, the lender will let your client know.  Please counsel your client that the speed with which your client provides the additional documentation recommended by the lender will often determine the length of time for the loan approval process.

Ask your client how long it will take them to gather the information listed in 1 through 17 above and if there is anything preventing them from meeting with their lender after they gather the information (i.e. job, vacation, etc.).

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H.L. “Rye” Tuten, III, is a Title Attorney/Real Estate Closing Attorney and Owner of Tuten Title & Escrow, LLC. Formerly assigned by RICE Insurance to defend real estate agents throughout Acadiana, much of his more than nine years’ litigation experience is with real estate concerns.

The information contained herein is simply for informational purposes only and not intended to provide legal advice or create an attorney-client relationship.