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Below are some frequently asked questions we’ve received from many lenders.

Where do I send the title request?

You may send all title requests to our closing coordinator,

What is your turn around time on title requests?

For Lafayette title requests, we can usually provide a title commitment within 48 to 72 hours. For requests in surrounding parishes, title commitment times can range from 3 to 5 days. This assumes no title curative work is necessary. If title curative work is necessary, our ability to provide a clean title commitment is delayed. However, we will advise you immediately if the title curative work needed and provide a rough estimate of the time delays

What are your fees?

For a Tuten Title fee schedule, please request here

Who will be my closer?

Tuten Title currently has two (2) closing teams, each consisting of a Closer and a Pre-Closer.

How long do your closings last?

In our closings, we make every effort to create a fun and friendly atmosphere. We briefly explain each document being signed and answer any questions asked. Our “purchase” transactions usually take about 45 minutes to complete and our “refinance” transactions usually take about 30 minutes to complete, but if a buyer or refinancer needs additional time to examine or discuss the documents, we will happily accommodate them.

Who do I contact for questions that arise prior to or after closing?

For any questions that arise prior to or after closing, please contact your assigned closer. The closer may be able to answer your question. If the closer is unable to answer your question, the closer will ensure the attorney assigned to handle your file provides a timely answer to your question.

Lafayette Office:

Ph: (337) 524-1703
Fx: (337) 524-1707

326 Settlers Trace
Suite 101 A
Lafayette, LA 70508

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